Definition of Sack Race

What does the term "sack race" mean? What is meant by the term "sack race"?

A "sack race" is a race between football managers as to who will be sacked (fired) first.

Many people will bet on the sack race, and most online bookmakers offer wagering.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the latest EPL manager to be sacked.  The year is 2021."Sack race" translates to "which manager do you think will be sacked first?"

This can apply to any football league in the world, though betting on the English Premier League is by far the most popular.

Managers are sacked every season - it's the nature of the beast with football.

Some teams are doing really well, while others are doing poorly.

The clubs that are doing poorly will usually look to make a change, and the easiest change is sacking their manager and hiring somebody new.

It's rare that a manager stays with a club for a long period of time, as this requires a club to be consistently good for a long period of time, and this just doesn't happen much in this day and age.

If a prominent club is doing poorly, their manager is usually at the top of the "sack race" list, as those clubs have little patience for underperformance.