Definition of Sack Props

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What does the term "sack props" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by a sack prop?

"Sack props" allow you to bet on a number of different lines that are all related to QB sacks.

What are Sack Props when it comes to betting on American football.  The King explains using Philadelphia Eagles as an example.For instance, you can have a "team sack prop" like this:

Philadelphia Eagles 3.5 Sacks

Over 3.5 Sacks, -110
Under 3.5 Sacks, -110

Or, you can have a Head-to-head sack prop line like this:

Which team will get the first sack of the game?

Philadelphia Eagles, -125
Minnesota Vikings, +105

Or, you can have individual sack prop lines for practically every player on defense:

Nick Bosa

Over 1.0 Sacks, -145
Under 1.0 Sacks, +125


"Sack props" can offer value to bettors that closely follow defenses, as sportsbooks can't watch these lines as closely, and you can really exploit some value, especially earlier on in the season.