Definition of Run Line and Total

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What does the term "run line and total" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "run line and total"?

In baseball, the "run line and total" line involving combined the run line for a game with the total.

A texas ranger player just hit the ball with his bat.  The meaning of Run Line and Total explained.So, for instance, there would be four different "run line and total" line for a game between the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles. These lines might look like this:

Texas Rangers +1.5 and Over 8.5, 2.65
Texas Rangers +1.5 and Under 8.5, 2.80
Baltimore Orioles -1.5 and Over 8.5, 5.00
Baltimore Orioles -1.5 and Under 8.5, 4.75


So, if you believe that the Orioles are going to easily win a high-scoring game, you would want to take the third line - Baltimore Orioles -1.5 and Over 8.5 Runs.

If you think that the Rangers are going to win a close, low-scoring game, you'd want to take them +1.5 and Under 8.5 for 2.80.


The run line and total is simply a combination of the traditional baseball run line and over/under line and allows you to increase your potential payout.