Definition of Round Leader

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What does the term "round leader" mean in the world of golfing betting? What is the definition of the term "round leader"?

In golfing betting, the "rounder leader" lines allow you to bet on which golfer you think will be leading the tournament at the end of any given round.

The meaning of the betting term Round Leader when it comes to the sport of golf is explained.  In photo:  Rory McIlroy walking down the course.Books will allow you to bet on who is leading at the end of the first, second, third and fourth (final) rounds.

The further you are away from the end of a tournament, the harder it is to pick a round leader.

For instance, the top odds for a "first round leader" line might look like this:

Scottie Scheffler, +1800
Rory McIlroy, +2500
Patrick Cantlay, +2500
John Rahm, +2500
Xander Schauffele, +3000

So, if you pick Rory McIlroy to be leading at the end of the first round and he manages to pull it off, you would receive a very large +2500 payout.

After the first round is completed, the "second round leader" lines might look like this (assuming that McIlroy is leading):

Rory McIlroy, -125
Patrick Cantlay, +300
John Rahm, +450

Rory is leading the tournament after the first round, so his odds of leading after the second round are obviously strong.


Round leader lines can offer potentially large payouts, especially if you bet on the first round leader before the tournament gets underway.