Definition of Round Betting

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What does the term "round betting" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "round betting"?

In sports betting, "round betting" is a type of bet that you can place on boxing or mixed martial arts events.

Definition of the sports wagering term Round Betting.  What is the meaning?   Example?With round betting, you are choosing:

1) the round that the fight will end in
2) the person who will end the fight as the winner

For instance - let's say that Conor McGregor is fighting Eddie Alvarez for the UFC's Lightweight title.

Let's say that you believe that McGregor is going to finish the fight in the first or second rounds - the "round betting" odds might look like this:

Conor McGregor, Round 1 - 3.75
Conor McGregor, Round 2 - 3.50

So, if you believe that Conor McGregor will win the fight in the first round, you might want to take the Conor McGregor in Round 1 bet.

In this case, a successful $100 wager on this outcome would give you a total profit of $275.


Most sportsbooks, including the likes of Bet365, Bovada and others, will offer round betting on all major fights.