Definition of Robbery

What is the meaning of the term Robbery in the world of football?

Robbery, funny enough, is a nickname for the partnership of Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, the two Bayern Munich now senior players. Robben and Ribery aka 'Robbery' are responsible for countless goals while wearing the Bayern Munich colours.

Bayern Munich are one of the most dominant teams of the last five years and 'Robbery' are a big part of that. Four Bundesliga titles, one Champions League title and countless other trophies have been won during this time by the team from the Allianz Arena.

Franck Ribbery and Arjen Robben - The Robbery - Bayern Munich

The left winger from France and the right winger from Holland, each with his unique style, gave Bayern Munich the razor sharpness that cut through so many defenses like butter over the years. Who could forget the way these two played in 2012/13, under Jupp Heynckes, when Bayern won the treble.

It sure seemed that Franck Ribery, with his dribbling skills, and Arjen Robben, with that incredible left foot of his, more or less robbed their opposition of points week after week.

Hopefully there is a lot more 'Robbery' in our future!