Definition of Regista

Andrea Pirlo, despite having retired in 2017, is still widely considered one of the coolest footballers to have played the game. It isn't just his off-the-pitch style and class that gives this depiction. His playing style is now commonly pointed at as what defines a 'regista' in midfield.

Football dictionary: Regista.  What is the meaning of the term?  Illustration.But what is a regista? In Italian, the term means director. In regular terms, a regista is a midfielder who sits back and controls the tempo and flow of the game. The Italian term is rather appropriate, as the purpose of a regista is to direct where the ball goes and how the team attacks. They stay in front of the central defenders and spot passes that others wouldn't see.

While the regista occupies the same spot as a defensive midfielder, they do not play the same sort of way. Whereas a player like Claude Makelele would win the ball and play a short pass to an attacking player in order to go score goals, a regista might win the ball and then look for an ambitious through ball to the striker.

Pirlo isn't the only renowned regista, though he is probably the most well-known one. Xabi Alonso became famous in the position playing for both Liverpool and Real Madrid. Marco Verratti at Paris Saint-Germain is the current Italian regista that has 'inherited' the position from Andrea Pirlo. Xavi Hernandez was Spain and Barcelona's regista until he left in 2015.

The bottom line is that a deep-lying playmaker like Pirlo or Xavi can be an absolutely crucial element in any footballing side. Now more and more people are starting to appreciate the brilliance of the position.