Definition of Receptions Made

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What does the term "receptions made" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "receptions made"?

"Receptions made" is a line where you are betting on whether a player goes over or under a total receptions total.

The meaning of the sports betting term Receptions Made is explained.  In photo:  Miami Dolphins player is catching (receiving) the ball.These lines are usually available for any player that catches passes - running backs, tight ends or wide receivers.


For instance - let's say that the Minnesota Vikings are playing the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football.

Justin Jefferson is expected to have a big game, so the sportsbooks set the "receptions made" line for Jefferson at 8.5 catches.

The line looks like this:

Justin Jefferson Receptions Made

Over 8.5 Catches, -110
Under 8.5 Catches, -110

So, if you think that JJ is going to have a very big game, you'd want to bet the over.

If you think that Jefferson is going to be locked down by the Redskins' top cornerback, you'd want to take the under.

If Jefferson has 9 or more catches in the game, the Over would pay.

If Jefferson has 8 or less catches in the game, the Under would pay.


The "receptions made" lines for lesser-known players can offer compelling value to bettors, as they usually aren't as closely scrutinized by the books.