Definition of Race to (Points)

What does the term race to (points) mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by race to (points)?

The race to (points) lines are commonly used in bets for American football and basketball, to name a few.

The meaning and an example of the sports betting term Race to Points is explained as it applies to American football and basketball.Let's take a look at an example of a "race to (points)" line for a NFL game:

First to 10 Points

Jacksonville Jaguars, 2.75
Cincinnati Bengals, 1.41
Neither 81.00

First to 20 Points

Jacksonville Jaguars, 3.40
Cincinnati Bengals, 1.35
Neither, 17.00

First to 30 Points

Jacksonville Jaguars, 12.00
Cincinnati Bengals, 1.66
Neither, 2.70


These lines are pretty straightforward.

Do you think that the Bengals will win the game in a high-scoring affair? If not, you'd want to bet on them to be the first team to race 30 points.

Do you think that neither team will score 20 points? If so, you'd want to take the "Neither" line for 17.00.

If you bet on Cincinnati to be the first (or only) team to reach 20 points in the game, you'd want to take them at 1.35. As soon as the Bengals cross 20 points in the game, your bet is a winner, provided that the Jaguars haven't reached that total first.