Definition of Quadruple Double

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What does the term "quadruple double" mean in the world of basketball? What is meant by the term "quadruple double"?

In basketball, the term "quadruple double" refers to when a player, in a single game, records double digit:

1. Points
2. Rebounds
3. Assists
4. Steals OR Blocks

The meaning of the basketball term Quadruple Double is explained.  In photo:  David Robinson, the San Antonio Spurs legendary center, who is one of the few players to have achieved it.The "triple double" occurs fairly frequently in the NBA, though the quadruple double is extremely rare.

In fact, since the NBA started recording blocks and steals in the early 1970s, the "quadruple double" has only been achieved four times:

Nate Thurmond, October 18th, 1974
Alvin Robertson, February 18th, 1986
Hakeem Olajuwon, March 29th, 1990
David Robinson, February 17th, 1994

In three cases (Thurmond, Olajuwon, Robinson), the player managed to record double digit blocks, while Alvin Robertson managed to post a quadruple double with double digit steals.


Posting 10 or more steals or blocks in a single game is an astronomical feat on its own.

Combining this with double digit points, rebounds and assists is nearly impossible.