Definition of Poacher

What does the term poacher mean in the game of football?

Poacher is a type of football player. a striker with an awesome scoring ability and dangerous movement in front of the opposing goal. Poachers are players who always seem to be at the right place at the right time when it comes to scoring goals. Poachers do not necessarily involve themselves in the build-up of the play, but they sure are right there when it comes to putting the ball in the net.

Definition of the term Poacher - Sports Dictionary - Football

To poach, originally, is a term used to describe hunting animals on someone else's land. In relation to soccer it translates to, something along the lines of, sneaking up to the goalie and putting a foot in the way of his pass, hoping for a bounce.

An excellent example of a modern game poacher is the Real Madrid star striker Karim Benzema. He truly is a Fox in the Box, which is another name used to describe a poacher striker.