Definition of Player Points Milestones

What does the term "player points milestones" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by "player points milestones"?

"Player points milestones" lines give you the opportunity to bet on whether or not a player will hit a point "milestone" during a game.

In photo: Lebron James holding a basketball.  Definition of Player Points Milestones.  The term explained."Milestones" are usually:

5 points
10 points
15 points
20 points
25 points
30 points
40 points
50 points

There is usually only a "yes" option for these lines.

Let's say that you believe that LeBron James is going to have a huge game against his former team, the Miami Heat.

You decide that there is a very good chance that he scores 50 points.

The player points milestones line for Lebron James hitting 50 points might look like this:

Lebron James - 50 points, 17.50

So, if you decided to put $100 points on Lebron scoring 50 or more points against the Heat, you would be looking at a massive profit.


As you can imagine, the higher the milestone, the worse the odds get.