Definition of Player Powerplay Points

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What does the term "player powerplay points" mean in the world of hockey betting? What is meant by the term "player powerplay points"?

The "player powerplay points" line in hockey betting allows you to bet on whether a player will go over or under a posted "powerplay points" total.

The meaning and example of the betting term Player Powerplay Points is explained.  In photo: Chicago Blackhawks player with the puck.For instance, let's say that the Chicago Blackhawks are playing the Minnesota Wild.

The line for Patrick Kane powerplay points is set at 0.5 - the line looks like this:

Over 0.5 Powerplay Points, +155
Under 0.5 Powerplay Points, -175

So, in this case, if you bet the Over and Kane manages to notch at least one point while the Blackhawks are on the power play, you'd win your bet.

If you bet the under in this case, you'd lose your bet.


There are obviously a number of different things to consider when making a bet on player powerplay points, including:

1) How often the player's team gets on the powerplay

2) How much time the player spends on the powerplay

3) Recent overall performance of the player

4) Strength of other team's powerplay unit and goaltending