Definition of Player Points High

What does the term "player points high" mean in the world of basketball betting? What does the term "player points high" mean?

In the world of basketball betting, "player points high" is a line that sees the sports book dramatically increase the over/under line for a player's points in a contest.

The meaning of the sports betting term Player Points High is explained.  What is it and what does the line look like?For instance - Steph Curry may have his over/points line set at 24.5.

With the "player points high" line, the book might increase the over/under line to 31.5 points.

So, the line might look like this:

Over 31.5 points, 6.00
Under 31.5 points, 1.15

As you can see, if you think that Curry is going to have an enormous game, you'd want to take the over 31.5 points line.

It can be tempting to bet the under, as there is a high likelihood that Curry scores less than 31.5 points - after all, his line was set at 24.5 points.

These lines are considered "traps", however, and are usually not EV+.