Definition of Player Performance Doubles

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What does the term "player performance doubles" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "player performance doubles"?

With player performance doubles, you are essentially creating a parlay that will combine a certain player's statistical performance with how their team does.

The betting term Player Performance Doubles is explained.  What kind of a stat is this?  In photo:  Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin doing a pre-game stretch.For instance, a "player performance double" could look like this:

Fred VanVleet 8+ Assists/Toronto to Win, +182

With this line, you would need VanVleet to put up at least 8 assists AND the Raptors to win for you to win your ticket.

If you did win this bet, $100 would turn into $182 in total profit.


Player performance doubles can apply to any team sport.

Here are some player performance doubles from different sports:

Tom Brady to Throw 2+ TDs/Tampa Bay to Win, +145

Alexander Ovechkin to Score 1+ Goals/Washington to Win, +375

Vladimir Guerrero To Hit 1 Home Run/Toronto to Win, +675


Sportsbooks will usually have a long list of player performance doubles to bet on.

If your book offers same-game parlays, you can create your own performance doubles.