Definition of Player Kicking Points

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What does the term "player kicking points" mean in the world of football betting? What does the term "player kicking points" mean?

In football betting, you can bet on how many points a kicker will have over the course of a game.

This includes both extra points and field goals.

The meaning of the term Player Kicking Points is explained.  What is it?  In photo: Justin Tucker of Baltimore Ravens.For instance, let's say that a kicker ends up with 3 extra points and 2 field goals.

This would give them a total of 9 points in the game (3 extra points + 2 field goals).

A kicker's "player kicking points" line might look like this:

Justin Tucker, 8.5 Points

Over 8.5 Points, -110
Under 8.5 Points, -110

So, in this case, you could bet on if Tucker goes OVER the 8.5 points mark or under.

If you think that the Ravens have been having trouble in the red zone as of late, you'd might want to take the Over 8.5 Points line, as Tucker will likely get a number of field goal attempts, and he tends not to miss.

If you think that Lamar Jackson will lead the Ravens to a number of touchdowns, you'd likely want to take the Under 8.5 Points total, as there is a good chance that Tucker will be limited to mostly extra point attempts in the game.


This is quite an obscure line to bet on, though there can be some good value if you know your kickers.