Definition of Park the Bus

What is the meaning of Park the Bus in the game of football?

Parking the Bus is term used for a football tactic of playing all eleven players behind the ball in an, ultra-defensive, attempt to either preserve a lead or to play for a 0-0 draw.

Teams that Park the Bus are often inferior to their opponent and they use this strategy to try and get something out of the game.

Visually speaking, parking the bus refers to lining up all players in a 1-5-5 formation just in front of the goal and preventing the opponent to penetrate inside, often forcing them to attempt low percentage shots from out wide.

Teams that Park the Bus are not even interested in going forward, opening up and making themselves vulnerable. Sometimes, when they get in the possession of the ball, they just kick it out as far as possible away from the goal.

Parking the Bus is a strategy used from time to time in cup competitions, when home and away matches are played. If a team has an advantage from the first leg match, it could make sense to try and preserve the lead by playing very defensively.

Parking the Bus can be a frustrating tactic for the opposing team, their fans and neutral observers alike.