Definition of Par For The Course

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What does the term "par for the course" mean? What is meant by the term "par for the course"?

If you are a talented golfer, you will likely have a zero handicap. This means that you will be expected to shoot around par on a course.

Par for the course is the expected outcome every time that you play.

The meaning of Par for the Course term is explained when it comes to the sport of golf and life in general.The term "par for the course" means that there is an expected outcome.

For instance - let's say that you go to a very busy restaurant. It's busy every night, and every night there is a wait of at least one hour to get a table.

Waiting an hour for a table would be "par for the course" for this restaurant.

Waiting for the table was the expected outcome, which is why we say that the wait was "par for the course".


Another example?

Let's say that your favourite sports team finds a way to lose in the playoffs, despite the fact that they are often favoured to win.

Losing in the playoffs is the expected outcome, so you would say that their loss is "par for the course".