Definition of NSFD

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What does the term "NSFD" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "NSFD"?

THe King explains the meaning of the football betting term NSFD or No Score on First Drive.  What is it?In football betting, "NSFD" stands for:


This means that you are betting on if there will NOT be a score on the very first drive of a football game.

For instance, the NSFD line for a game between the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears might look like this:

No Score on First Drive?

Yes, +145

In this case, if there is not a score on the first drive, the bet will pay out at +145, which means that you will receive $145 in profit for every $100 that you bet.


It's important to note that the bet is decided on the very first drive of the game, regardless of the team that receives the ball first.

So, if one team has a great offense while the other team can't score to save their lives, you would want to hope that the team that can't score receives the ball first.


NSFD bets are popular as they are graded quickly and will allow you to play more bets once the first drive has been completed.

If you are wondering, a defensive score on the first drive (fumble return for TD, INT return for TD, safety) counts as a score on the first drive of the game.