Definition of NRFI Bet

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What does the term "NRFI bet" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "NRFI bet"?

The NRFI bet is one of the most popular bets on baseball games.

What does NFRI Bet mean in baseball?  The King explains.  In photo: Toronto Blue Jays pitcher in action.NRFI means:


With the NRFI bet, you are betting that there will be NO runs scored in the first inning.

This includes BOTH the top and bottom of the first inning.


So, let's say that the Toronto Blue Jays are playing the Boston Red Sox at home.

Both teams have been pitching very well as of late, and you think that the first inning will be scoreless.

The NRFI odds look like this for the game:


This means that the "No Runs First Inning" outcome is a SLIGHT underdog, meaning that you would make a profit of $110 by betting on the NRFI line, provided that the score at the end of the first inning was 0-0.


People tend to enjoy NRFI bets as they are decided in a very short period of time.