Definition of NFL 2020 Sims Betting

What is "NFL 2020 Sims Betting"? What does it mean to bet on Madden 2020 simulated games?

Due to the lack of sports that is taking place during the Coronavirus era, sports books have had to get creative in order to give people things to bet on.

What is Sims Betting?  The explanation follows.One of those things that has taken off in popularity in recent days - betting on simulated games in Madden 2020.

It's pretty simple - simulated games are run on Madden 2020 (rosters as of the end of the 2019/20 season, 15 minute quarters, All-Madden mode), and people are given the opportunity to bet on the games on sites like

The site gives people lines to bet on, just like they would with regular NFL games. You can bet the spread, the over/under or the money line. In addition, you can also bet on who will score the first touchdown, which will be the first team to score, if the game will go to Overtime and if a Special Teams or Defensive TD will be scored.

These games are then streamed on (LiveFootballSims), where people can watch the games take place in real time.

Bovada pauses the games at the end of the first half in order to give people the opportunity to bet on the second half of the games.

4-5 games a day are being run, and they have staggered start times so that people can bet on and watch each game.