Definition of Most Valuable / Expensive Game in Football

What is the meaning of the term Most Valuable Game in Football?

The entry into the English Premier League is a lucrative achievement from a financial point of view. It is estimated, according to the 2018 figures, that a promotion from Championship to EPL is worth £170m. If a club manages to stay in the top flight past the first season, that number rises to £290m.

The two teams that finish at the top of the English Championship table at the end of the season gain automatic qualification to the English Premier League. The teams ranked from third to sixth enter a playoff. The playoff final is a one match affair played at Wembley stadium in London, with the winner gaining promotion to the EPL. This winner-take-all game is dubbed as the 'most valuable / expensive game in football'.

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The English Premier League is currently in year two of it's new broadcasting agreement worth billions of pounds. The funds received by each club from this pool provide resources for strategic investments. This could be player talent or infrastructure. Regardless of how the funds are spent, no other match in football at present time has this much on the line financially.