Definition of Minus 12 Club

What does the term "minus 12 club" mean in the world of fantasy football? What is the "minus 12 club"?

In fantasy football, minus 12 is the worst possible score that a DST (Defense) can put up in many standard scoring formats.

Under standard scoring formats, for instance, a DST will incur -5 points for giving up 46 or more points, and an additional -7 for giving up more than 550 yards in total offense.

The King explains the meaning of the popular term Minus 12 Club when it comes to scoring formats in a game of American football.In addition, a defense can not post any sacks, fumble recoveries or interceptions in order to end up with the elusive -12 score.


Four teams have scored the elusive "minus 12" in the modern era of the NFL.

This includes:

-1972 Philadelphia Eagles
-1993 Detroit Lions
-2011 New York Giants
-2013 Tennessee Titans


Finishing with a "minus 12" is much easier said than done.

In addition to giving up 46 points and 550 yards plus of offense, you also need to go an entire game without a sack, INT, blocked punt or fumble recovery.