Definition of Method of First Basket

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What does the term "method of first basket" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "method of first basket"?

In basketball betting, the "method of first basket" line involves correctly predicting:

1) WHO will score the first basket of the game
2) and HOW they score the first basket of the game

So, let's take a look at a "method of first basket" line from a Clippers/Lakers game.

The King explains the meaning of the betting term Method of First Basket.  What is its meaning when it comes to the game of basketball?Let's say that you think that Dennis Schroder will score the first basket of the game, so you look at his "method of first basket" lines, which look like this:

Dennis Schroder - Dunk, +25000
Dennis Schroder - Free Throw, +9000
Dennis Schroder - Layup, +4800
Dennis Schroder - Other, +2900

The "other" line includes any unlisted method of scoring, such as a 2-point jump shot or 3-pointer.

So, if you think that Schroder is going to score the first basket of the game by dunking the basketball, you'd want to take the +25000 line for a potentially massive payout.

This line would pay out $250 for every $1 that you wagered, so, as you can guess, the odds of Schroder opening the score with a dunk are very low.


Picking the player that scores the first basket of the game is hard enough - this line takes things to the next level, as you are picking the player that scores plus the method that they use to score.