Definition of Match Total Specials

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What does the term "match total specials" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "match total specials"?

Many sportsbooks offer "match total specials" for a number of different sports, including football/soccer, American football and basketball.

The meaning of the term Match Total Specials is explained when it comes to American football.  What is it?  In photo:  Player of Los Angeles Chargers holding the ball.With the match total specials lines, you can essentially bet on how many of a certain thing will occur over the course of a game.

For instance, let's say that the Denver Broncos are playing the Los Angeles Chargers in a NFL game.

A sportsbook may have a number of match total specials line, including:

Total Passing Yards
Total Rushing Attempts
Total Tackles

These lines would include the totals for BOTH of the teams.

For instance, the total passing yards line might look like this:

Over 509.5 Yards, -110
Under 509.5 Yards, -110

So, let's say that you believe that the contest will be a high-scoring affair with plenty of passing.

In this case, you'd probably want to take the "Over 509.5 yards" line for -110.

Let's say that Russell Wilson ends up with 301 yards of passing, while Justin Herbert ends up with 350.

This would create a total number of passing yards of 651, which would easily go over the total.


Basketball "match total specials" could include totals on things like rebounds, points and assists, while football/soccer totals could include things like corners, goals and even red cards.