Definition of Match Handicap (Games)

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What does the term "match handicap (games)" mean in the world of tennis betting? What is meant by "match handicap (games)"?

To understand what this term means, let's look at the final score of a tennis match:

Player A Beats Player B 6-1, 6-2, 6-3

The meaning of the tennis term Match Handicap - Games is explained.  How does it work?So, Player A won a total of 18 games over the course of the match, while Player B won just 6.

So, for the purposes of deciding the "match handicap", Player A won by a total of 12 games.

Now, let's say that a match handicap (games) line looks like this:

Laslo Djere, +6.5, 1.90
Denis Shapovalov, -6.5, 1.90

So, if you take Djere +6.5 games, you would have 6.5 games ADDED to the final game total.

So, let's say that Djere ends up losing:

6-7, 4-6, 4-6

So, he would have won 5 games less than Shapovalov in this match, as he won 14 games to Shapovalov's 19.

But what if you had taken Djere +6.5 in the match handicap (games) bet?

In this case, you would win your bet, as you would get to add 6.5 games to Djere's total, which means that you would win your bet:

20.5 games to 19

On the other hand, if you took Shapovalov -6.5, you would have to deduct 6.5 games from Shapovalov's total, meaning that you would lose the bet:

12.5 games to 14


This is how the match handicap (games) bet works.