Definition of Manita

What is the meaning of the term 'manita' when it comes to the sport of football?

'Manita' is a Spanish word that translates to 'little hand' in English and comes from the word 'la mano', which means 'hand'. In the football world, a 'manita' is when a team scores five goals in a match. Each finger represents a goal.


The term 'manita' was made famous by the Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, who lifted his hand and showed all five fingers to the Real Madrid fans after a 5-0 thrashing in November of 2010. This act enraged the Real Madrid players and fans and each match between the two sides that followed for a long time was accompanied by tension and even fighting between players on the pitch.

The history repeated itself in October 2018, when Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 5-1 and Pique again lifted his hand towards the Real Madrid faithful. The 'manita' quickly spread all over the internet and social media with Barcelona fans tweeting the term.

Technically a 'manita' is a 5-0 thrashing, but when it comes to Barcelona and Real Madrid a 5-1 victory is just as glorious for the winning side.