Definition of Magic Sponge

What is the meaning of the term 'magic sponge' when it comes to the sport of football / soccer?

The 'magic sponge' is a name used jokingly for what appears to be a regular yellow wet sponge, which when applied by a physio to a player's injured body part, seems to have incredible healing powers. A player, who was just seconds earlier rolling around in what looked to be agonizing pain, with just a few 'magic sponge' rubs is healed and ready to go back into play like nothing happened.

The meaning of the term magic sponge in the game of football.  What is it.  What is the humor behind it? - Illustration.In a lot of cases what actually does happen, and is obvious to everyone watching the action, is that a player fakes an injury for the purpose of gaining an advantage. The advantage could be time wasting, foul forging or something else often cynical in nature. The applying of the sponge by a team doctor or physio makes it appear that treatment has taken place.

We see the use of the 'magic sponge' all too often on the football field. Hopefully, going forward, with the use of VAR (Video Assisted Referee) technology, we will see improvements in curbing this type of unsportsmanlike behavior.