Definition of Longest Reception

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What does the term "longest reception" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "longest reception"?

In football betting, you can bet on if a certain player's longest reception will be over/under a certain amount.

The Longest Rcepetion betting term - What does it mean?  The King explains.  In photo:  Miami Dolphins player running to receive the ball.For instance, the "longest reception" line for Justin Jefferson in a game might be set like this:

Justin Jefferson Longest Reception

Over 25.5 Yards, -110
Uneer 25.5 Yards, -110

If you pick the over, you'd win your bet if Jefferson's longest reception of the game is 26 yards or more.

If you bet the under and Jefferson is held to 3 short catches (the longest being 7 yards), you'd win your bet.


You can also usually bet on the longest reception in an entire game by both teams.

For instance, a "longest reception" line for a game between the Chiefs and 49ers might look like this:

Longest Receptions

49.5 Yards

Over 49.5 Yards, -110
Under 49.5 Yards, -110

So, if the longest completed pass of the game is 50 yards or more, the "Over" would cash.

If the longest completed pass is 49 yards or less (for both teams, remember), the "Under" would cash.