Definition of Last Touchdown Scorer

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What does the term "last touchdown scorer" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "last touchdown scorer"?

With the last touchdown scorer line, you are simply betting on which player will score the last touchdown of the game.

This is obviously different from the first touchdown scorer line, where you are betting on who will score the first touchdown of the game.


What is the meaning of the betting term Last Touchdown Scorer when it comes to the sport of American football?  The King explains.The "last touchdown scorer" line can be a bit trickier, as you will have to account for games that have turned into blowouts.

This could open the door for a lesser known player to score the last touchdown of the game.

For instance, if the Indianapolis Colts are playing and are blowing out their opponent, somebody like Deon Jackson may see a lot more playing time, as Jonathan Taylor may have been taken out of the game.

This obviously creates opportunity taking players with longer odds, whereas the superstar players tend to score the first touchdowns of the game.


Some examples of last touchdown scorer lines could look like this:

Jonathan Taylor, +400
Michael Pittman, +500
Najee Harris, +550
Kenny Pickett, +1100

If you bet on Jonathan Taylor, for instance, and he scores the last touchdown of the game, you would receive $400 in total profit for every $100 that you wagered.