Definition of Kitalararasi Derbi

One of the most spectacular sights in world football has to be when Fenerbahce SK and Galatasaray SK meet. The Kitalararasi Derbi (or Intercontinental Derby) is not only one of the biggest rivalries in Turkey, but one of the biggest in the world.

The first match between these two sides was over a century ago, on January 17th, 1909. However, the rivalry truly began in 1934, when riots between the fan groups and tough tackles between players created a bitter feeling between the two.

The Kitalararasi Derbi - Fenerbahce vs. Galatasaray - The meaning of the term.  Sports dictionary.Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are the two most supported teams in Turkey, so it is no surprise that meetings between these two draw such large crowds. However, with these crowds have come violence and general hooliganism. Even as recently as 2013, a Fenerbahce fan was stabbed to death by a Galatasaray hooligan.

Both clubs consistently battle one another for the title of most successful club in Turkey, with Galatasaray winning the most Super Lig titles and European titles. However, Fenerbahce have more victories in the Kitalararasi derbi itself and more title wins in the leagues before the creation of the Super Lig are taken into account.

Part of this rivalry can be seen in the culture around the clubs. Fenerbahce has been considered the worker's club, whereas Galatasaray were seen more as a club that represented the higher society of Turkish culture. This gap has closed over time, with both clubs now being supported by many different classes.

The passion that both sets of fans pump into their clubs cannot be doubted or unseen. This may lead to some violence and other hooliganism when the two sides play, but many would say it is worth it to keep each team playing until the last whistle in the Kitalararasi Derbi.