Definition of JAG

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What does the term "JAG" mean in the world of sports? What is meant by the term "JAG"?

In sports, the term "JAG" breaks down to mean:


You most certainly don't want to become known as a "JAG" if you play sports, as it means that you aren't special, and are, in fact, "just another guy".


The King explains the meaning of the term JAG in American football.  What is it?For instance - let's say that a college quarterback is taken #1 in the NFL Draft.

This quarterback has been hyped to the moon and is expected to turn the franchise around.

After 4 years with the team, the quarterback has put together four unspectacular seasons, and the team has missed the playoffs for four years in a row.

The fan base of the team has said that the quarterback is not special, and is a "JAG".

This is obviously NOT what you want to be if you are a highly touted player.