Definition of Half With Most Goals

What does the term "half with most goals" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "half with most goals"?

The "half with most goals" betting line allows you to bet on which half of the football game will feature the most goals.

In photo: Manchester City are celebrating a goal.  The Sports King explains the meaning of the betting term Half With Most Goals.Here is a sample line, courtesy of a game between Manchester United and Manchester City:

1st Half, 3.25
2nd Half, 2.10
Tie, 3.10

As you can see, you can also bet on the possibility that there will be the same number of goals scored in the first half as the second.

Typically, more goals are scored in the second half of a game than the first.


Teams will get tired in the second half, and this leads to mistakes, which in turn leads to scoring chances and goals.


Let's say that you think that there will be more goals scored in the second half of the Man Utd/Man City game than the first.

In this case, you'd want to select "2nd Half" with odds of 2.10.

So, if you put £100 down on this outcome, you'd be looking at a potential profit of around £110 if your prediction pans out.