Definition of Grand Salami

What does the term "grand salami" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "Grand Salami"?

A "Grand Salami" is when you bet on the total number of goals that will be scored on any particular night in the NHL.

Definition of Grand Salami - Sports Betting Dictionary - Term KingSo, let's say that there are three games on the NHL schedule for one particular night. The games are:

Vancouver vs Minnesota
Chicago vs Anaheim
Montreal vs Toronto

The Vancouver vs Minnesota and Chicago vs Anaheim are both expected to be low-scoring affairs, while the Montreal vs Toronto game will likely be a bit more offensive.

The "Grand Salami" line for the night is set at 16 goals.

So, if you think that the three games will be collectively defensive affairs, you would want to take the under. If you think that there will be some goals scored in the three games, you would want to take the over.

If the results of the three games were:

Minnesota def. Vancouver 4-2
Montreal def. Toronto 5-3
Chicago def. Anaheim 2-1

This would be a total of 17 goals on the night, which means that the "over" on the Grand Salami line would pay out.