Definition of Get The Ball Rolling

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What does the term "get the ball rolling" mean? What is meant by the term "get the ball rolling"?

In many different sports, an attempt to score points or complete something can't be done without first starting to roll the ball.

The definition of the term Get the Ball Rolling is explained when it comes to sports and also real life.  In photo:  golf ball and a putter.This could be a golf ball rolling into a hole.

This could be a bowling ball rolling down the alley.

This could be a soccer ball getting moved forward to start a game.

"Get the ball rolling" also applies to "real life" as well.

To "get the ball rolling" means to begin something.

For instance - I got the "ball rolling" on a group project at work by starting to do market research.

Or, I got the "ball rolling" on the restoration of a vehicle by ordering a new bumper for the car.


"Get the ball rolling" means that you are getting something started.