Definition of Gatekeeper

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What does the term "gatekeeper" mean in the world of fighting? What is meant if somebody is referred to as a gatekeeper?

In the world of fighting, a "gatekeeper" is a fighter that is not considered to be a legitimate contender to win a title, though somebody who is still considered to be a very hard fight in the division.

The meaning of the term Gatekeeper is explained by the King.  What does it mean when it comes to the fighting sports such as Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing?So, let's say that an up-and-coming fighter is taking on this "gatekeeper" in a fight.

If the up-and-coming fighter beats the "gatekeeper", they are considered to have passed a very hard test and will be one step closer to fighting for a title.

If, on the other hand, the gatekeeper wins the fight, there is little chance that they would receive consideration for a title fight, usually due to the fact that they have already been soundly beaten by the champion.


If you want a current example of a "gatekeeper", look no further than Max Holloway.

As long as Alexander Volkanovski is the champion in the Featherweight division, Holloway is almost certainly not getting another shot at the title, as he has already lost three times to the champion.

Having said that, Holloway is a VERY tough opponent for anybody, and anybody that beats Holloway will almost certainly get consideration to fight for the title.