Definition of Formula E

What is the meaning of 'Formula E' when it comes to sports moto racing?

Formula E is a competition for single-seater, open cockpit, battery-powered cars that started in 2011 and held its first championship in September of 2014 in Beijing, China. Formula E is in a lot of ways similar to Formula 1, but the cars run on electric power instead of petrol.

The new generation Formula E racing car made by Nissan.Formula E races attract younger demographics with inner city locations, use of green technology and innovative ways of audience engagement.

The lithium-ion batteries power the Formula E cars up to 280km/h speeds. The cars could go much faster, but the speed has been capped for safety reasons.

Each formula E team has two drivers. There are a total of 10 teams competing and 14 races are held in a season across major centers such as Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Monaco, Zurich, New York and Rome.

The Formula E competition is rapidly growing in size with each new year. Will we see it endanger the dominance of Formula 1 remains to be seen.