Definition of First Set Race To (Games)

What does the term "first set race to (games)" mean in the world of tennis betting? What is meant by the term "first set race to (games)"?

With the "first set race to (games)" line, you are simply betting on which player will be the first to reach a predetermined number of games first in the first set.

The King explains the meaning of the term First Set Race to Games when it comes to wagering on sports, in this case tennis.  In photo:  Ramos-Vinolas serving the ball.For instance, here is a real "first set race to (games)" line from a tennis match between Albert Ramos-Vinolas and Soonwoo Kwon:

2 Games

Ramos-Vinolas, 1.72
Kwon, 2.00

So, with this line, you are betting on which player will be the first to win two games in the first set.

So, let's say that you bet on Ramos-Vinolas at 1.72 to win the "Race to 2 Games" in the first set. Ramos-Vinolas opens the match with his serve, and the two players hold serve in the first two games to give Ramos-Vinolas the 2-1 lead.

If you bet on Ramos-Vinolas in the "Race to 2 Games" line, you would win your bet.

Having serve is a massive advantage in tennis, so if you bet on a low "First Set Race to (Games)" number (like 2 games or 3 games), you are putting yourself largely at the mercy of who starts with service.


You can usually bet on 2, 3, 4 and 5 game lines.

The higher the game number, the more of an advantage the better player will have, as they will have a greater chance of breaking serve.