Definition of First Set Handicap

What does the term "first set handicap" mean in the world of tennis betting? What is meant by the term "first set handicap"?

In tennis betting, the "first set handicap" line allows you to bet on a player to win the first set, with a "handicap" added in.

In photo: tennis player Roger Federer.  The meaning of the First Set Handicap is explained when it comes to wagering on sports.For instance, a first set handicap line between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer might look like this:

Rafael Nadal, +1.5, 1.35
Roger Federer, -1.5, 2.75

So, if you take Rafael Nadal, you'd be given a 1.5 game surplus. If you take Roger Federer, you'd have 1.5 games deducted.

So what does this mean?

Let's say that you take Nadal +1.5, and he loses the first set 7-6.

Even though Nadal lost the first set, you'd still win your bet, as you get 1.5 games added to Nadal's score. So, in terms of this bet, Nadal would win the first set 7.5 to 7.

Now, let's say that you take Federer at minus 1.5 games, and he wins the first set 6-4.

In this case, you'd win your bet, as Federer would win by 2 games, which is more than the 1.5 game deduction.


This is the "first set handicap" line.