Definition of First Score Method 6-Way

What does the term "first score method 6-way" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by "first score method 6-way" when it comes to betting on the NFL?

"First score method 6-way" is a betting line that is exclusive to the game of American football (or Canadian football).

What is the meaning of the term First Score Method 6-Way when it comes to betting on American Football?  The King explains.  Dictionary entry.With the "First score method 6-way" line, you are picking which team will score first, AND by what method.

A "first score method 6-way line" that for a Colts vs Titans game might look like this:

Indianapolis Colts

Touchdown, 3.40
Field Goal, 4.50
Any Other, 56.00

Tennessee Titans

Touchdown, 2.45
Field Goal, 5.00
Any Other, 56.00


So, let's say that you think that the Titans will open up the scoring in the game by kicking a field goal.

The line on this happening is 5.00, so if you bet $100 on this and the Titans kick a field goal to open up the scoring in the game, you would receive $400 in profit.


One quick note - the "any other" line would include safeties, which are good for two points in the NFL. Safeties are quite rare, which is why this line is 56.00.