Definition of First Pitch Result - Top 1st

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What does the term "first pitch result - top 1st" mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "first pitch result - top 1st"?

Do you want a bet that will be almost immediately scored?

How about betting on what will happen on the very first bet of a baseball game?

The King explains the meaning of the baseball betting term First Pitch Result - Top 1st.  In photo: San Diego Padres star second baseman Roberto Alomar.With the "first pitch result - top 1st" betting line, you are simply betting on what will happen with the first pitch of a game.

For instance - let's say that the Colorado Rockies are taking on the San Diego Padres.

The Padres' ace starter is playing.

The first pitch result - top 1st lines might look like this:

Taken Strike/Swinging Strike/Foul, -155
Ball/HBP, +140
Any Other Out/Outcome, +1200
Single, +4900
Extra Base Hit (Double/Triple/Home Run), +5100

As you can see, the first pitch being a strike is the clear favorite.

In this case, a successful $155 wager on a first pitch strike would pay out at a total of $100 in profit.


Many batters will take the first pitch of the game, which is why the outcomes other than a strike or ball command such high odds.