Definition of First Half Corners

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What does the term "first half corners" mean? What is meant by the term "first half corners"?

People love betting on the number of corner kicks that take place in a single football match.

With the "First Half Corners" line, you can also bet on the number of corner kicks that will be taken by both teams in the first half.

What type of a bet is First Half Corners bet when it comes to soccer.  How is it calculated?  Overs?  Under?For instance, a sportsbook might set a "First Half Corners" line that looks like this:

First Half Corners, 4

Over 4 Corners, 1.95
Under 4 Corners, 2.75
Exactly 4 Corners, 5.00

So, let's say that you believe that there will hardly be any corner kicks taken in the first half of the game, for whatever reason.

If that is the case, you'd probably want to take the "Under 4 Corners" line at 2.75, which would pay you out a nice £175 in profit for every £100 wagered.

On the other hand, if you think that there will be over 4 corners in the first half of the game, you'd obviously want to take the over.

Please keep in mind that if you bet on the "Under" or "Over" 4 Corners lines, you would lose your bets if the total comes in right at 4 corners.


This is another type of microbet that is popular with bettors.

As you can imagine, sportsbooks also offer "second half corners" lines as well.