Definition of First Goal Method

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What does the term "first goal method" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "first goal method"?

The "first goal method" line allows you to bet on HOW the first goal of a football match will be scored.

It doesn't matter who scores the goal - all that matters is how the goal is scored.

First Goal Method - Betting term explained.  What is it?For instance, here is a real "first goal method" line:

Shot, 1.50
Header, 6.50
Penalty, 8.00
Free Kick, 23.00
Own Goal, 29.00
No Goal, 5.50

This is all pretty straightforward - as you might have guessed, the most common type of "first goal method" is a straight shot, which is why this line has it priced at much better than a coin flip.

Own goals are fairly rare, which is why the "own goal" line is priced at 29.00.

If you think that there will be no goals scored in the match at all, you can wager on that as well.


Betting on the method of the first goal is a good idea if you aren't familiar with the teams playing and would still like some betting action on the game.

With this line, you can just sit back and hope somebody from ONE of the teams scores in the method that you bet.