Definition of Finalissima

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What does the term "Finalissima" mean in the world of football? What is the definition of the term "Finalissima"?

The "Finalissima" is a match played between the winners of Euro (European Championship) and the Copa America (South American Championship).

The meaning of the term Finalissima is explained when it comes to the sport of football.  In photo:  Lionel Messi (the bearded version) of Argentina.The game is meant to celebrate the partnership between UEFA and CONMEBOL.

The game is a revival of the Artemio Franchi Cup, which also saw the winners of Euro and the Copa America square off against each other.

The Artemio Franchi Cup was last played in 1993.

The cup given to the winner of Finalissima will be called the CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions.

UEFA and CONMEBOL have a memorandum of understanding that lasts until 2028, and they expect three Finalissima games to be held before then.


There is nothing really on the line in this game, as it is simply an exhibition match.

"Finalissima" is Italian for "Grand Final".