Definition of Exhibition Match

Not every match of every sport can always be a cup final or important to the season. Sometimes the athletes just need a way to practice their trade in a game setting without it counting for anything. These games can go by all manner of names, but typically are referred to as "exhibition matches".

The Exibition Match - What is it and what are the examples of it in the world of sports.In association football, these games can be played for all manner of causes. For international teams, it can be a way of getting the players used to one another and the match tactics. Clubs use it for preseason games and to raise funds, while there can also be major fundraising events from a variety of sides.

It's a similar case across sports. Major League Baseball's preseason is known as spring training, which is basically just a bunch of exhibition matches against one another. In basketball, the NBA All-Star Game is an exhibition match, as it doesn't actually affect the league in any sort of way. Yes, it might be made up of the best players in the league, but it won't actually have any effect on how the Championships will turn out.

Single-person sports also have exhibition matches. Tennis professionals might have charity matches or friendlies with others in order to prepare for tournaments. Boxers used to have exhibition fights all the time, although they are less common now. The latest and most high-profile exhibition match between boxers came in November of 2020 and was between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Exhibition matches might not be the most exciting or competitive activities ever, but they are a way for fans to see their favourite teams or players ply their trade outside the regular season, which is always welcome.