Definition of Exact Regular Season Wins

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What does the term "exact regular season wins" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "exact regular season wins" when betting on the NFL?

With the "exact regular season wins" lines, you can bet on the exact number of wins that a team will have during the regular season.

What is the meaning of the betting term Exact Regular Season Wins?  In photo:  Arizona Cardinals player about to launch the ball.The further that the totals deviate from the season over/under line, the better the odds become.

For instance - let's say that the bookmakers have the over/under line on the Arizona Cardinals set at 3.5 games.

The odds for the Cardinals to win anywhere between 0 and 7 games might look like this:

0 games, +2500
1 game, +1000
2 games, +600
3 games, +480
4 games, +450
5 games, +500
6 games, +650
7 games, +900

As you can see, the closer that we stray away from the 3-4 game win totals, the greater the odds become.

So, if you think that the Cardinals will be absolutely terrible, you'd might want to bet on the "1 game" total at +1000, meaning that you would win $1,000 in profit for every $100 that was wagered.