Definition of ePremierLeague

What is the meaning of ePremier League when it comes to the world of soccer?

The Premier League is the top level club football competition in England. The ePremier League is the electronic version of the league, played on the EA Sports FIFA video game.

ePL - What is the meaning of the term ePremier League? Illustration of a video game console controller over a blurred stadium - birds eye view.

The first season of ePremier League was held in 2019. Each of the 20 Premier League clubs held their own playoff tournament with two winners emerging, one playing on Xbox and the other on Playstation, who qualified to play in the Grand Final knockout tournament against other Premier League teams. The final was held in London and was broadcasted live on television and internet in the month of March. The first leg of the final was played on the Playstation console and the second on Xbox. The winner was Liverpool, who beat Manchester United 6-2 on aggregate. The first leg match score was 4-1 and the second leg ended in a 2-1 victory for Liverpool. The player who controlled the digital men and lifted the trophy in person was Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt.

The eSports are rapidly rising in popularity. Teams and leagues are jumping on board and at the time of this writing the Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 and the Major League Soccer also have their own version of the video game tournament.