Definition of El Derbi madrileno (Madrid Derby)

What is the meaning of El Derbi madrileno in the world of football?

El Derbi madrileno, in English known as the Madrid Derby, is the name for a football match between city rivals Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

The rivalry between Real Madrid and Atletico is a political one. Real Madrid are viewed as the conservative club, supported by the government, while Atletico are the 'rebels'.

Definition of El Derbi madrileno - Football Dictionary

The Real Madrid stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, is impressive and beautiful, located in the business district next to the aristocratic Paseo de la Castellana street. Real Madrid regularly buy the most expensive and marketable players and they are the most decorated as well as the most popular football club in the world.

Atletico Madrid are more of a working class club. Vicente Calderon stadium is situated near a brewery, along the Manzaneras river. Atletico Madrid sell their top players year after year and are forced to reinvent themselves all the time.

With all the political tension aside, El Derbi madrileno is one of the most entertaining and most popular matches in European football.