Definition of Dynasty

What does the term "dynasty" mean in the world of sports? What is meant by a "dynasty"?

In the world of sports, a "dynasty" is a team that has exhibited excellence over a considerable period of time. In order to be considered a "dynasty", a team is usually required to win at least two titles over a short period of time.

In this day and age, dynasties are becoming increasingly rare. The reason? Parity. The NFL, for instance, uses a hard salary cap, which makes it very difficult for teams to remain excellent over a considerable period of time. This is why the New England Patriots, who are most certainly a "dynasty", are considered to be so special. It is much harder to have a dynasty in the modern era of sports compared to decades ago, where rich owners could simply outspend the competition.

The meaning of Dynasty in sports explained.  What are some dynasties in American sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL?

Here are some examples of dynasties from each of the four major North American sports:


Pittsburgh Steelers - '70s, early '80s
San Francisco 49ers - '80s, early '90s
Dallas Cowboys - '90s
Denver Broncos - late '90s
New England Patriots - 2000s, 2010s


Minneapolis Lakers - late '40s, '50s
Boston Celtics - late '50s, '60s
Los Angeles Lakers - '80s
Boston Celtics - '80s
Detroit Pistons - late '80s, early '90s
Chicago Bulls - '90s
Los Angeles Lakers - 2000s
San Antonio Spurs - 2000s
Miami Heat - 2010s
Golden State Warriors - 2010s


New York Yankees - late '40s, early '50s
New York Yankees - late '90s, early 2000s
New York Yankees - '30s
Athletics - 1910s
Athletics - 1970s
Cardinals - 1940s
Giants - 2010s
New York Yankees - late '50, early '60s
Boston Red Sox - 1910s


Montreal Canadiens - 1970s
New York Islanders - 1980s
Edmonton Oilers - 1980s, early 1990s
Montreal Canadiens - 1950s, early 1960s
Detroit Red Wings - 1990s, early 2000s
Chicago Blackhawks - 2000s, 2010s
Detroit Red Wings - 1940s, 1950s
Montreal Canadiens - 1960s
Toronto Maple Leafs - 1940s, 1950s
Toronto Maple Leafs - 1960s