Definition of Dog

What does the term "dog" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "dog" in sports betting?

In sports betting, the "dog" is the team or person who is the "underdog" to win. The "underdog" is the team or person who is NOT favoured to win.

For instance, let's say that Rafael Nadal is playing Roger Federer in a French Open semi-finals match. Nadal is likely the best clay court player in the world, while Federer's game is slightly slipping with age.

Definition of the term Even Money - Sports Betting DictionaryThe odds for the match look like this:

Rafael Nadal, 1.35
Roger Federer, 3.75

So, in this case, a successful €100 wager on Nadal would yield a total profit of €35, while a successful €100 bet on Federer would return a total profit of €275.

According to these odds, Nadal is the clear favourite to win, while Federer is the "dog" (underdog).


Many casual bettors will fall into the trap of just betting on the favourites, while most seasoned bettors will look to bet on underdogs that hold significant value.